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Is a leaseback right for me?

How Does It Work?

With an Auto Leaseback we will purchase your existing vehicle from you for up to 10% Above Kelly Blue Book Value (KBB). We will lease the vehicle back to you for a 2-3 year term. You can then continue to lease the vehicle on a month to month basis, purchase it back at a depreciated price or move on to a new vehicle without any hassle. 

Reasons people Choose US:
Maximize Resale Price Without Further Depreciation
Get Paid Full Value Today
Flexibility to Find A New Car On Your Own Time

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About Us

We have been in the equipment leasing industry since 1994 and are the first choice for eligible customers with leading rates and loyal relationships. We offer Leasebacks on all personal Automobiles and Trucks. 

The Process


Submit Your Vehicle Information to Receive a Personalized Leaseback Offer.


Within 72 Hours we Will Provide You with a Leaseback offer that is Valid for 90 Days.


Once You Accept the Offer we Send Your Payment and Your Leaseback Will Commence.

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Major Differences Between Financing, Leasing and Leasebacks

Comparing Options

There are pros and cons to every option but having more information and more options is always a good decision. Here are the major differences between the available vehicle finance options.


  • Upfront Cost Lowest
  • Future Value Optimized
  • End of Term Flexible


  • Upfront Cost Medium
  • Future Value Minimized
  • End of Term Return it


  • Upfront Cost Most
  • Future Value Owned
  • End of Term Own it
+ 70 %
Customers Choice
+ 70 %
Customers Choice
+ 45 %
Customers Choice

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